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and CV

My art and ideas very often comes through hands and touch, where thoughts are discovered in contact with materials. If you can say that thinking is tactile, I can follow.

My development as an artist also comes from discussions and meetings with people - colleges or other persons I exchange thoughts with.

My materials are mostly in printmaking and drawing tools, but also textile and embroidery, found materials and some painting, too. I love to see what surroundings can tell, and installation often become my expression, as well as book binding.

Colors give me energy, and drawing patterns make joy and peace. Especially the practice of drawing in my dot books (Prikkebøkene mine)  is  good, resonating with my soul and everyday life.

I like gardening, exploring life and growth from seed to plants; taste, smell, colors, making food. Thankful for gifts of nature in all seasons.

I need much solitude to do my work, and peaceful surroundings is preferable, which often make my art meditative.


+47 92 61 16 35

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